Monday, September 10, 2018

09.09.18 I'm a happy woman!

CRG replaced my extremely out-of-focus rear camera with a very sharp brand new one. My man is handy!

09.08.18 Bubba's birthday

A birthday tradition to take Colin out to a Japanese Steakhouse. He turned 16.

Monday, August 27, 2018

08.23.18 The Violet Closet

One of the thousands of frames I've taken this week while working on a time-lapse project of the remodeling going on at The Violet Closet. Just a bunch of dudes standing around. No wonder why it's taking so long. Ha!

08.22.18 Wonder

Toured the Wonder school at WSU.

08.21.18 take apart

Daddy got Lil' C some pretty cool toys that he can put together and take apart and then repeat the process again and again.

08.20.18 label maker

Denise and I got Suzanne a birthday present she's always wanted - a label maker!