Wednesday, July 18, 2018

07.15.18 baking blackberries

We picked blackberries and decided to make a delicious cake using them.

07.14.18 Erin's understudy

Evie stepped up to Mudbug with us because Erin couldn't make it to Wheat Festival. Evie was fantastic!

07.13.18 Prost!

On assignment with Denise. Later that day we toasted her major award. She won the McClatchy President's award for her dining guide.

07.12.18 Molly

At an auction with Molly. We get into some spots together!

07.11.18 popsicles with his peeps

Hanging out in Neena's kitchen with his popsicle posse.

07.10.18 doggy paddle

Check out Vinnie swimming in the background.

07.09.18 sandbox time

Filling up the dump truck.

Thursday, July 5, 2018